Sr. Ester Picciali (1932 - 1936)

Filled with apostolic ardour and magnanimity of soul,
Noble traits of character her personality did unfold;
A Missionary great, courageous, good, a mine of gold,
The Novitiate at Belvedere, monument to her faith untold.

Sr. Vincenza Caminada (1936 - 1947)

To spread God’s kingdom far and wide was her only aim,
With unbounded trust in Providence a model to us she became
Heroine of virtue, veritable daughter of Holy Mother Church.
To sustain the mission of Charity she strained every nerve.

Sr. Antonietta Lucini (1948 – 1961)

As a valiant woman of the Gospel she lived and toiled,
Of her boundless love and generosity she sisters availed;
With arms open to the poor and needy she freely gave,
Kindness and compassion flowed from her words so suave.

Sr. Maria Teresa Ghisaura (1962 – 1969)

Calm serenity and strict austerity were her characteristic traits,
Holiness and Perfection were her life’s ideals great;
About her hovered a noble and majestic charm,
In suffering and pain she reflected a peaceful calm.

Sr. Ester Iori (1969 – 1978)

A versatile mind, a kind and understanding heart,
Religious renewal was her slogan right from the start;
Vatican Second’s directives she earnestly sought,
Spiritual renaissance and aggiornamento in the Province she brought.

Sr. Raphael Gomes (1979 -1988)

Unbounded confidence in God was her firm stronghold,
Ever cheerful, optimistic, daring, active and bold;
Direct evangelization and option for the poor did she uphold,
These were her immediate responses to the Church’s call of old.

Sr. Maurilia Pinto (1988 -1996)

Leadership qualities flowed in her very blood and veins,
To be attentive to the Spirit and sensitive to the times she took pains;
To be channels of God’s mercy she beckoned us one and all,
Prophetic witnesses and authentic disciples was her frequent call.

Sr. Apoline Monis (1996 – 2004)

Though young in age, she has shouldered the task,
Of spiritual animation of the sisters one and all,
To be Gospel in action is her repeated clarion call,
To live our Consecration and Mission she urges all.

Sr. Irene Jane D’Souza (2004 – 2012)

A person of lofty ideals, noble aspiration and efficacious spiritual guide,
Efficient organizer, effective animator, with love and humour opened her heart wide,
To God in prayer and adoration, her pining for Him she couldn’t hide,
The poor dear to her, their pains and struggles she never laid aside.

Sr.Matilda Monteiro (2012 –2019)

Sr. Matilda Monteiro, our Provincial Superior Intimately united to God, to all of us very dear. Heroic in struggles, her demeanour full of grace, Tender-hearted to the lowly and needy always. Concerned about the elderly, caring for the young, Able animator, an efficient administrator. Discerning in mind, convincing in words. Noble in forgiveness, promoter of communion.

Sr.Irene Menezes (2020 – )

Sr.Irene Menezes ,our Provincial Superior is a prayerful, humble, loving, dynamic and responsible leader to animate and govern the province on the path of charity after the example of the Saints Bartholomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa.