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“The poor sick and infirm will be the delight of my hear.” -Vow of Charity.

The health care centres are under the GEROSA DEENA SEVA TRUST. The following are the health care centres in the province:

  • Kripalaya - Karikal (Hospital)
  • Nirmala Health Centre - Ullal (Hospital, Sisters’ infirmary)
  • Snehalaya - Solur (Hospital, Creche)
  • Shanthi Nivas - Bettadamane (Dispensary)
  • Sneha Sadan - Basavana Bagevadi (Dispensary)
  • Infant Mary’s Convent - Jeppu (Home for the destitute and differently abled, Sisters’ infirmary)
  • Maria Sadan - Kinya (Home for the destitute and differently abled, Sisters’ infirmary)
  • Casa Gaia Convent - Mangalore (Sisters’ infirmary)
  • St. Joseph’s Convent - Nellyadi (Rehabilitation centre for the differently abled)

We collaborate with Diocesan institutions:
  • Father Muller Charitable Institutions - Kankanady - Mangalore Diocese (Nursing education, Nursing service, Paramedical services in the hospital)
  • St. John’s Medical College - Archdiocese of Bangalore (Service at the college of nursing, hospital and hostel)
  • Mother Theresa Charitable Hospital - Gulbarga Diocese (Hospital)

We collaborate with Christians of other denominations: Athena Institute of Health Sciences - Mangalore (Nursing education)

We collaborate with the laity: Mea Sadan - Mulki (Nursing education)

These health centres are in both urban and rural areas where sisters share the compassionate love of Jesus with the poor people and work selflessly to bring about holistic health. They also organize seminars, workshops and health education in various schools and colleges. Talks are held on prevention and cure of various diseases, AIDS, health and hygiene, family life education, drug abuse, health insurance, various government schemes, right to information etc. Sisters engaged in medical sector are updated through courses and seminars to cope up with the many challenges they face in the medical field.