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“The religious consecration makes it possible for us to be fully and constantly available to the mission.” -Cs.9

Inspired by the spirit of Sts. Bartolomea and Vincenza who lovingly attended those in any kind of poverty in order to serve Jesus himself in the suffering members of his body, we by being in solidarity with them in their human situation and by rendering them competent service, help them re-discover the meaning of their lives and regain their sense of human dignity (Cs 53) through Socio-welfare Service viz:.

  • Sisters of Charity Social Welfare Service - Jeppu
  • Jeevandhara Seva Kendra - Hassan
  • Snehalaya Social Welfare Service - Solur
  • Seva Sadan Social Welfare Service - Muddebihal
  • Sneha Sadan Social Welfare Service - Basavana Bhagevadi
  • St. Joseph’s Social Welfare Service - Nellyadi

We also collaborate with other institutions:
  • Shanti Nivas - Bettadamane which collaborates with CMSSS(Chikmagalur Multipurpose Social Service Scheme)
  • Aloysian Boys’ Home - Nehrunagar (with Jesuit Fathers)

We undertake activities of Human Promotion specially for young girls and women in difficulties: Grihini School and Embroidery Centres at Nirmala Convent - Ullal, Snehalaya - Solur, Sneha Sadan - Basavana Bagevadi, Jeevandara Seva Kendra– Hassan, Vocational Training Centre - Brahmavar and Prison ministry at the Central Jail in Bangalore.

We organize awareness programmes aimed at eradicating social evils such as illiteracy, unbridled corruption, alcoholism, casteism, dowry system, child marriage and human trafficking. We also Net Work with Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and tap the resources available. Thus we rediscover God’s face in the most needy and marginalized and reach out to them in love, understanding and through concrete help.

We take active part in the pastoral ministry of the Church. Our presence is made effective in the various parishes of the Diocese of Mangalore, Archdiocese of Bangalore, Chikmagalure, Udupi, Shimoga, Mysore, Gulbarga and Karvar.